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Akbash Temperament and Lifespan


Akbash is a very rare and elegant breed that appeared in Western Turkey 3,000 years ago. These dogs were originally flocks so selected exclusively white dogs to be inconspicuous and eliminate predators (use In the US, the breed has appeared only in 1970, and was officially recognized in 1998.

Akbash (from Turkish akbas) is very beautiful large dog. There are two types of Akbash: with long and thick wavy hair or straight shiny hair of medium length. Akbash has considerable strength and power - this is one of the most physically strong breeds. Akbash differs from other breeds with its bright appearance and proud behavior. It is very serious about its family, they are also good hunters and defenders. The dog will not be stopped by the size and power of the enemy, when he threatens its master's health. The dogs usually live about 10-11years.

How Much Does an Akbash Cost and Price Range

If you decide to buy an Akbash puppy, choose the proven nurseries. When buying Akbash from unknown sellers, you risk money, time and nerves as puppy price is high enough, because it is not so simple to find the breed. The average price varies from $500 to $1000 depending on the breeder and the place where you buy the dog.

The show quality puppies will cost you more.

Akbash Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Coat color is always white, sometimes with gray or beige patches near the ears.

  • Height Males: 76-86 cm
  • Females: 71-81 cm
  • Weight Males: 54-59 kg
  • Females: 41-50 kg

Akbash Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

This snow-white handsome dog with serious appearance knows his own worth - so it is always impeccably elegant and its posture is regal and proud. Akbash most likely originated from European herding dogs, in particular, Hungarian, French and Italian breeds, and among its ancestors were mastiffs and greyhounds. It is better to have Akbash as your pet if you are not a novice as it requires attention and special care. Dogs are very attentive to the family members, especially children, get along well with other pets. Very aggressively react to the invasion of other dogs on their territory. By nature, this breed is loyal, affectionate, gentle and at the same time they are independent. Akbash is a perfect guardian of the house and the household. This breed is absolutely not suitable for living in the apartment, the best environment for their habitat will be the fenced yard or a rural area. Walking is the most favorite pastime of this breed.